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Coolant Fluid Exchange in Baltimore, MD

Your car’s cooling system needs fresh coolant to work properly. Many drivers overlook their coolant and forget about it until something bad happens – like an overheated engine or a frozen engine block. Regular coolant fluid exchange helps to prevent overheating and other mechanical mishaps. Our factory-trained technicians at Findlay Toyota Prescott can do a coolant fluid exchange on any make or model vehicle. That will help make the cooling system more effective while making your car run better.

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What Coolant Fluid Exchange Does

When we exchange your car’s coolant, we warm up the engine to open the thermostat. Once that is done, we drain all of the fluid from your system. We then give the radiator, hoses, clamps, and radiator cap a full inspection. If any show signs of excessive wear or pending failure, we replace them with OEM and aftermarket parts of your choosing. We also check the water pump to make sure it works as designed. Once we make sure the cooling system is in good shape, we replace the coolant with new fluid. The old fluid gets recycled via a coolant fluid exchange.

Why You Need to Exchange Coolant Fluid

Your car’s coolant does two very important things. The first is to prevent overheating while driving. The hotter the engine runs, the more likely the internal parts will suffer damage. That can cause breakdown and costly towing and repair charges. The coolant also is the antifreeze that prevents the radiator fluid from freezing up. It stops your engine block from freezing and possibly cracking in extremely cold temperatures. With all it does and the temperature changes it undergoes, the coolant breaks down after time. When it does, you need to do a coolant fluid exchange to make sure your car’s cooling system works as intended. If you don’t do it, you could suffer a costly breakdown.

Schedule Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

If it is time to check your cooling system, we can take care of it. Just call our friendly pros at Findlay Toyota Prescott and schedule a time to bring your car in for a coolant fluid exchange. You also can stop by in your free time and we get your car serviced when possible. The service takes less than an hour and will help protect your engine. You can relax in our client lounge while we work on our car. It has free Wi-Fi, cable TV, drinks, and snacks to keep you entertained and comfortable. If you want to run errands, our free shuttle service can take you to nearby locales like Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Paulden, and Dewey-Humboldt. We will let you know when your coolant fluid exchange is done.

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