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There was a full beautiful rainbow in the sky in Prescott Arizona and we knew the moment we saw that rainbow that something good was going to happen for us.  It did we drove into Findlay Toyota's parling lot and met Alan Hoover.  Both my husband and myself are handicapped and my 87 mother who was with us also has been battling cancer and is in remission at this time.  From the moment we stepped out of the car our experience was excellent. Alan greeted us outside of the front door and from that moment on our experience of trying to buy a new car was unbelieveable. He made my mother feel like a princess and made sure she was comfortable the entire time.  My mothers comment about Alan was, "He is such a nice fellow, and I love him." Well out day was full of wonderful suprises, we ended getting a new Toyota Corolla and Alan Hoover and the staff at Findlay Toyota made it happen for us. This was the best car experience we have ever had when buying a new car. Alan made out entire experience stress free and a happy experience. If any of you are looking at trying to buy a car please go expeirence the best customer service out there at Findlay Toyota and Alan Hoover he was the best. Thank you Findlay Toyota and thank you Alan we will never forget your kindness and how you treated our mother and of course us. alan you are the best and Findlay Toyota you are the best and only place to get a car and have the best customer service around. Our day was certainly filled with magical rainbows, and Alan Hoover. 
Happy Customer

"Best Auto Purchase Ever (at lease in my 65 years)"

It was with great sorrow that I had to finally let go of my 2006 Prius, and I could not have been in better company. My wife and I were 95% sure we would purchase a new Corolla IM, with the 5% in reserve in case the purchasing experience went south. Turns out we had no worries. Using consumer reports for information, their car buying service connected me with Kyle Watson and as they say, "nuff said." The Corolla IM sort of sells itself, but with Kyle's help we navigated through what is often an unpleasant experience into one that was actually very pleasant. Everyone was amazing helpful... it was the best car purchasing experience I've had. Mark Johnson the finance manager was equally knowledgeable and we left the proud owners of the new Corolla. An interesting side note was my father bought an Oldsmobile from Pete Findlay in Las Vegas in 1960ish... I guess the apple foes not fall far from the tree. 
Happy Customer

"Fantastic Experience"

I have nothing but great things to say about our car buying experience today at Findlay, everything was arranged in a few short calls, it was extremely professional and painless, negotiations were a breeze and to add Kyle Watson even did a home delivery for my 9 month pregnant wife to Phoenix (2 hour round trip). To add I have purchased 18 cars in my life and this was by far the best experience I have ever had!
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