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Toyota manufactures top-selling vehicles with peak performance supported by reliable and long-lasting primary systems. Your Toyota has several primary systems with filters keeping air and fluids clean. These small yet critical filters get clogged and require replacement. Choosing us for your Toyota’s filter replacement services ensures certified quality. We employ certified technicians who understand the value of genuine OEM filters toward your vehicle’s reliable, long-lasting performance. Continue reading about the five essential automotive filter replacement services and contact us today for an appointment at Findlay Toyota Prescott, near Prescott Valley, Paulden, Chino Valley, and Dewey-Humboldt.

The Genuine OEM Filter Advantage

Getting certified Toyota filter replacement services guarantees the installation of the recommended OEM filters. Genuine OEM filters provide enhanced performance compared to aftermarkets due to the top-quality material design, rigorous testing that verifies model-specific fit and performance, and long-lasting durability. Non-certified replacement service exposes your Toyota to the risks associated with substandard aftermarket filters. Customers collect the expected value with genuine OEM filters guaranteed by a warranty.


Certified Toyota Filter Replacement Services

Oil Filter Icon

Oil Filter

The engine oil system has a filter designed for collecting unwanted debris such as metal shavings. The oil filter keeps the engine cleaner and oil lasting as long as possible. Every oil change service includes oil filter replacement.

Engine Air Filter Icon

Engine Air Filter

This critical filter traps debris from the air before entering the fuel induction system and the engine’s combustion chamber. Engine air filters get clogged faster in dirty environments, so be sure to check the filter frequently, get replacement service at the recommended interval, or sooner if clogged.

Cabin Air Filter Icon

Cabin Air Filter

Your Toyota’s HVAC system has a filter positioned within the air duct, collecting airborne pollutants for the most pleasant, odor-, and allergen-free driving experience. Clogged cabin air filters cause restricted airflow and can lead to a foul smell in the cabin.

Fuel Filter Icon

Fuel Filter

Fuel has variable quality, with most containing sediment. Fuel tanks also get dirty, often housing unwanted bacteria and mold. The fuel filter prevents unwanted particulates from entering the fuel induction system and combustion chamber.

Transmission Filter Icon

Transmission Filter

Transmission filters remove debris from transmission fluid, ensuring smooth-shifting and long-lasting performance. Be sure to replace this filter alongside transmission fluid exchanges every 30,000 to 60.000 miles.



Schedule Filter Replacement Service at Findlay Toyota Prescott

Toyota owners can schedule filter replacement service appointments online or by phone. While we encourage customers to try the online service scheduler to experience the speed and convenience, we have friendly staff here during regular hours to book your service appointments by phone.

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