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Road Force Balance at Findlay Toyota Prescott, Serving the Quad Cities in AZ

Wheel-tire assemblies need to be balanced for a vibration-free ride, and they need routine maintenance, ensuring that they remain balanced as the tires wear. We provide customers with a leading opportunity to get Road Force balancing service. Road Force balancers provide precision balancing with advanced technologies not found on traditional wheel balancing equipment. Continue reading about Road Force balance and schedule service today at Findlay Toyota Prescott.

Road Force Tire Balancing Explained

Today’s wheels are larger and tires have shorter sidewalls, promoting a better driving experience. However, this combination is susceptible to imbalances that wreak havoc on tires and driving comfort. Road Force balance is an emerging technology developed in response to wheel and tire developments related to radial/lateral runout. Road Force balance offers the best results with a tire balancer using a load roller to simulate road forces while collecting data on wheel-tire assembly uniformity. Road Force balance equipment evaluates radial/lateral runout of each tire, ensuring that the certified technician corrects imbalances by adding precision weights or remounting the tire.

When Should I Get Tire Balancing Service?

The ideal tire balancing strategy includes service alongside tire rotations and replacements. With the wheel assemblies removed for rotation service, this is an ideal opportunity to check balance. Tire replacement service should always include balancing new tires. Road Force balance is also recommended for drivers continuing to experience vibrations after receiving balancing service with a traditional balancer. You might also schedule tire balancing service as needed due to unexpected imbalances causing vibrations.

How is Road Force Balance Better?

Road Force balance is a thorough diagnostic service performed on tires. The Road Force Elite Wheel Balancer has advanced characteristics that are not available on traditional balancing equipment:

  • Detects stiff points using match mounting and positions tires to cancel vibrations.
  • Radial/lateral runout is minimized as the balancer can detect and offset lower rim areas.
  • Road Force balancer has specialized sensors to detect stiffer tire areas, aligning them with lower rim areas.
  • Wheel vibrations are eliminated more effectively.

Schedule Road Force Balance at Findlay Toyota Prescott

Customers can schedule a Road Force balance service online or by phone. The online service scheduler is finished within minutes and is always available for maximum scheduling convenience. Helpful staff is always available by phone to book Road Force balance appointments during regular hours.

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