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Synthetic Oil Changes at Findlay Toyota

Carmakers recommend synthetic oil for most new cars, and it is becoming more popular with car owners. Bring your car to Findlay Toyota in Prescott, AZ, to learn more about synthetic oil and decide whether it is right for your vehicle. Our certified technicians use genuine Toyota parts and can make sure your car has the oil it was designed to use. We can also help you decide whether to use synthetic oil if you are not already. We are in Las Vegas and serve the Henderson, Paradise, and Spring Valley areas.

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What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is still oil that has come out of the ground but it is much more modified than traditional oil is. It is almost a man-made product that will lubricate your engine better than traditional oil will. It also works better in weather extremes, like in the brutal heat of summer in Nevada. While it lubricates better, it also lasts longer, meaning you will not have to change your oil as often. Oil is still oil and not great for the environment, but it is also better than traditional oil in this regard as well. Synthetic oil does cost significantly more, and that is about the only downside.

Why Your Vehicle Needs Fresh Oil

Synthetic oil does last longer, but just like traditional oil, it will wear down eventually and will need to be replaced. When oil starts to wear out it is not as effective and that will make your engine have to work harder. That in itself will wear out your engine sooner than it would have worn out with fresh oil. Spending a little regularly on fresh synthetic oil for your Toyota will keep it running well and make it last much longer. Failing to change the oil will make the engine wear out sooner than it should. Spending a little now will save you a lot of money later on engine repairs.


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Give Findlay Toyota of Prescott, AZ a call today to set up an oil change for your car. You can trust your Toyota dealership to give your car the best of care. No one knows your Toyota better than we do. Regular oil changes are the best thing you can do for your car's health. We can also often spot issues that may be coming up while we change the oil. Finding problems early on and fixing them will save you money in the long run by avoiding more costly repairs that could have developed otherwise. Come see us today for oil changes and all your regular maintenance needs on your Toyota, or any other make of car.

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